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Having a healthy prostate is something every man wants. No one wants to go through the pain and suffering that comes with an enlarged prostate, not to mention some of the more serious prostate conditions like benign prostatic hyperplasy (BPH) or prostatitis, which affect millions of men. Anything that can be done to help prevent or alleviate these problems is welcomed with open arms.

As a result of all the publicity that natural prostate products have generated, the market has been flooded with over 400 prostate supplements which promise to help men with prostate problems. They range from the brilliant to outright scams or frauds. In this section of our guide we have taken 21 of the more well known prostate products to give you an idea of where they stand.

These ratings are based on the following criteria: product label, survey results from men taking these prostate supplements, formula design, and most importantly laboratory analysis for saw-palmetto, beta-sitosterol, quercetin, and icariin which are the active ingredients that provide relief from BPH, prostatitis, high PSA levels, and common sexual problems experienced by men with enlarged or inflammed prostates.

Since we are all familiar with letter grades, awarding an A,B,C,D or F for the most popular prostate supplements like Prostavar, Prosvent, Prostate 5XL, and Prostalex Plus would instantly let you know what you could expect from each.

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