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Prostate RX Review - Does Prostate RX Work?

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Prostate RX Review - Does Prostate RX Work MD Health Reports June 29, 2017 Mens Guide to Prostate Supplements MD Health Reports Travis Glodt June 29, 2017

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Prostate RX Review

Prostate RX Prostate Support
  • Product Review
  • Product: Prostate RX
  • Company: Natural Science
  • Rating: B
  • 3.5/5 Stars
  • Prostate RX Review Prostate RX Does it Work Is Prostate RX a Scam Prostate RX Reviewed Prostate RX Enlarged Prostate
  • Rated 3.5/5 based on 198 customer reviews
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    Sub Par Prostate Support Supplement. 60 Count Bottle. Claims to shrink an Enlarged Prostate. Did not Review Well
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Prostate RX Prostate Support
Dr Kennith Rassman
Prostate RX Health Review Prostate RX Health Does it Work Is Prostate RX Health a Scam Prostate RX Health Reviewed Prostate RX Health Enlarged Prostate
by: Kennith Rassman
June 23, 2017
3.5 / 5 stars

Prostate RX Review

As you will come to understand by reading our guide saw palmetto has numerous clinical studies around the world documenting how helpful it is to a man's prostate. There are other natural compounds that also help but saw palmetto is the best. The problem has always been that virtually every prostate supplement claims to contain saw palmetto and you really can’t tell how much of the “active extract” is present unless you do laboratory tests – which we have done. This product is pure saw palmetto. Prostate Rx is 100% pure saw palmetto liquid extract, standardized with over 93% fatty acids in a 320 mg. The nice thing about this product is that the company that manufactures the supplement and bottle are also the producers of the actual saw palmetto. They are based in heart of “saw palmetto country”, Naples, Florida, where saw palmetto is abundant and they harvest and bottle it themselves on their 15 acre farm. Our laboratory tests confirm what they claim on the bottle is actually inside. Unfortunately, the product is one-dimensional and does not have the other important ingredients to make it a top 3 product – think of a golfer who has a great drive but can’t putt or chip, or a basketball player who can only dribble, but can’t shoot or play defense – you get the picture. Some men just want a pure saw palmetto extract and nothing else, for them we highly recommend this product. We just got this lab result in and havent been able to post it yet. Check back soon. Homepage unavailable.

Prostate RX Basics

Using a specialized extraction process called supercritical CO2 extraction, Prostate RX contains one of the purest forms of Saw Palmetto ever used in a prostate supplement, even rivaling top prostate supplements such as Prostavar or Vasotrexx. For aging men, it also treats an important—and common—prostate problem, called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), which enlarges the prostates and puts excessive pressure on the urethra. This causes a plethora of urinary problems, including painful urination and incomplete bladder emptying. But unlike other BPH medications, Prostate RX is all-natural and free of stimulant ingredients with virtually no side effects, making it suitable for everyday use.

Prostate RX Ingredients:

It truly is Saw Palmetto at its purest—it is Prostate RX's only ingredient.

Does Prostate RX Work?

Probably. Studies conducted on Saw Palmetto show it significantly reduces symptoms caused by BPH, including weak stream, frequent nocturnal urination, bladder or prostate pain and prostate inflammation. It isn't clear why it works, though, although scientists believe it may be chemically similar to the prostate medication finasteride, better known as Proscar. Its effectiveness also earned it an A rating by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a nationally-recognized division of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

Our lab tests also show their Saw Palmetto contains 93% of fatty acid content, improving its efficacy. But it is unlikely it will work better compared to other prostate supplements, such as Prostavar. Why? It simply contains more effective ingredients—Prostate RX only includes one. There's no question it is a potent prostate supplement—studies prove Saw Palmetto is an effective treatment for BPH—but there are plenty of other prostate supplements that contain far more effective ingredients.

Is Prostate RX Safe?

Yes. There are no significant side effects associated with Saw Palmetto, even when used with other prostate supplements or medications. There are also no contraindications associated with its use with other herbs or vitamins, making it safe for continuous use.

Grade: B

Prostate RX contains one of the purest forms of Saw Palmetto ever found in a prostate supplement, improving its ability to counteract damaging complications caused by BPH, or an enlarged prostate. It ranks lower on our list because it contains virtually no other ingredients, however.

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