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Golden Lion Review - Does Golden Lion Work?

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Golden Lion Review - Does Golden Lion Work MD Health Reports June 23, 2017 Mens Guide to Prostate Supplements MD Health Reports Travis Glodt June 23, 2017

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Golden Lion Review

Golden Lion Prostate Support
  • Product Review
  • Product: Golden Lion
  • Company: Jason Winters
  • Rating: C
  • 2.5/5 Stars
  • Golden Lion Review Golden Lion Does it Work Is Golden Lion a Scam Golden Lion Reviewed Golden Lion Enlarged Prostate
  • Rated 2.5/5 based on 63 customer reviews
    $ 59.95 In stock
    Sub Par Prostate Support Supplement. 60 Count Bottle. Claims to shrink an Enlarged Prostate. Did not Review Well
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Golden Lion Prostate Support
Dr Kennith Rassman
Golden Lion Health Review Golden Lion Health Does it Work Is Golden Lion Health a Scam Golden Lion Health Reviewed Golden Lion Health Enlarged Prostate
by: Kennith Rassman
June 23, 2017
2.5 / 5 stars

Golden Lion Review

Unlike other prostate supplements, Golden Lion doesn't just claim to improve prostate and urinary function--it also claims to reduce erectile dysfunction (ED), a common sexual dysfunction disorder for men over 50. They call this the "prowess" factor, which supposedly renews the sexual processes that wear down as men age. Although it doesn't contain saw palmetto, a common prostate supplement ingredient, it contains plenty of other natural ingredients, including ginseng and fenugreek seed.

Golden Lion Ingredients:

Golden Lion contains fenugreek seed, parsley, ginseng, oats and zinc.

Does Golden Lion Work?

Maybe--but don't expect any benefits from fenugreek or parsley, two of its key ingredients. Fenugreek and parsley have not been shown to affect any of the sexual or prostatic processes in any men. To make matters worse, parsley has enema-like properties, which can quicken bowel movements.

Some evidence suggests ginseng may improve sexual performance and desire, however. According to one study conducted by the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, laboratory animals who took ginseng regularly were able to have more frequent erections and engaged in more mating rituals, suggesting it may be an effective treatment for ED. They believe the chemicals found in ginseng stimulate the penile tissues, making it easier to produce--and maintain--an erection. This coincides with Golden Lion's claims that it can reduce ED.

None of these ingredients have been proven to improve prostate or urinary function, however. Although zinc may reduce a man's risk for developing prostate issues, it has no effect on prostate or urinary dysfunction. The same applies to its other ingredients, including oat bran.

Is Golden Lion Safe?

No parsley is known to trigger sudden bowel movements. Ginseng can also cause nausea, diarrhea, rapid changes in blood pressure and headaches. It can also trigger mania-like symptoms in men who take it with antidepressants.

Grade: C

None of Golden Lion's ingredients have been proven to improve prostate or urinary function, but there is evidence it can help treat ED, a common sexual disorder. The staggering number of side effects associated with Golden Lion's ingredients can be potentially dangerous for some men, especially those who are currently on antidepressants.

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