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Prostate Magic Review - Does Prostate Magic Work?

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Prostate Magic Review - Does Prostate Magic Work MD Health Reports June 23, 2017 Mens Guide to Prostate Supplements MD Health Reports Travis Glodt June 23, 2017

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Prostate Magic Review

Prostate Magic Prostate Support
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  • Product: Prostate Magic
  • Company: Prostate Magic
  • Rating: D
  • 2/5 Stars
  • Prostate Magic Review Prostate Magic Does it Work Is Prostate Magic a Scam Prostate Magic Reviewed Prostate Magic Enlarged Prostate
  • Rated 2/5 based on 124 customer reviews
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    Sub Par Prostate Support Supplement. 60 Count Bottle. Claims to shrink an Enlarged Prostate. Did not Review Well
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Prostate Magic Prostate Support

Prostate Magic Review

While most supplements are emphasizing the benefits of saw palmetto and zinc, two ingredients shown to reduce prostate abnormalities, Prostate Magic actually claims it doesn't work--in fact, they suggest it may actually worsen the health of your prostate. They also put the blame on excess DHT production, a byproduct of testosterone, which they claim causes prostate problems because it enlarges the prostate, which may increase a man's risk for further prostate issues. Their supplement supposedly slow down DHT production, reducing your risk for prostate developing problems.

Prostate Magic Ingredients:

Prostate Magic contains achyranthes bidentata, alisma plantago, Chinese yam, cinnamon, dogwood tree, he shou wu, plantain, rehmannia glutinosa, tree peony and tuckahoe.

Does it Work?

No none of its ingredients have ever been shown to reduce a man's prostate problem risk. Many of Prostate Magic's ingredients have been used as anti-inflammatories and diuretics in traditional Chinese medicine, but there hasn't been a single study conducted on any of its ingredients showing it treats any prostate problem. Prostate Magic also lacks several key ingredients proven to reduce prostate problems, such as saw palmetto (which they claim "doesn't work"), pygeum extract or quercitin. There's clearly no evidence any of its ingredients can reduce your risk for prostate enlargement or other prostate problems.

Is it Safe?

No. One of Prostate Magic's ingredients, he shou wu, may cause severe liver reactions in some people. There have been several reports in the U.K. of abnormal liver function, jaundice and hepatitis after the use of he shou wu. London's health board advises consumers not to take any supplement containing this herb if you have any liver problems.

Grade D:

Prostate Magic likes to tout itself as a miracle pill, but there isn't any proof any of its ingredients help treat any problem related to the prostate. There's also the risk of developing serious liver problems if you take this even for short term use, thanks to he shou wu.

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