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Solaray Pygeum

Rating: B-

Specs: Lab Report

Solaray Pygeum & Saw Palmetto Review – Solaray began manufacturing and selling herbal products in 1973, originally as a pioneer in formulating and marketing blended herbal products that contain two or more herbs with complementary effects. This product utilizes pygeum bark extract and wild saw palmetto berry that provide the European recommended consumption levels. This formula is complemented with zinc, vitamin B-6, pumpkin seed and amino acids. In the laboratory it performed well posting a total Free Fatty Acid score of 286mg. The lab analysis is contained in the guide. Out of all the big name companies (those with a product line of more than 50 products) Solaray scored the best. While this is a good product it is still several levels away from the super elite products. While it had two good scores the product is not as comprehensive as it needs to be to provide fast relief. Great company, good product. Solaray Pygeum & Saw Palmetto is available at or by calling 1-800-669-8877.

Solaray Pygeum & Saw Palmetto Basics: These all-natural gel capsules claim to fight prostate problems right at its source—by treating benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), the main cause behind prostate inflammation and urinary problems. Like Avodart, Solaray Pygeum & Saw Palmetto contains numerous ingredients that fight BPH, but the difference here is the ingredients are all-natural and non-stimulant, which safely and effectively eliminate BPH. If you need your proof, look to the east—products containing pygeum and Saw Palmetto are already gaining popularity in Europe for its ability to treat numerous prostatic diseases.

Solaray Pygeum & Saw Palmetto Ingredients: It only contains pygeum extract and Saw Palmetto, popular prostate health extracts.

Does Solaray Pygeum & Saw Palmetto Work?: It's likely. Both pygeum extract and Saw Palmetto have been identified as viable treatments for BPH in Europe, and are common treatment methods for stopping the spread of prostate problems.

But they aren't recognized as effective treatments in the United States—scientists haven't even started testing both extracts on any patients. Many physicians also highly regard it as part of the alternative health industry, which most doctors do not support. Studies conducted in Europe do show both extracts significantly decrease the effects of BPH, however, despite the fact both are considered alternative health supplements.

Our lab tests also confirm Solaray Pygeum & Saw Palmetto is rich in free fatty acids, which may improve the product's ability to reduce prostate inflammation. But these same tests also reveal it has no detectable sterols, which are commonly found in Saw Palmetto. This strongly indicates the Saw Palmetto extract was highly processed, which reduced its quality and sterol content. Case in point: it's not as effective as the product would like you to believe, and may not be able to treat BPH.

Is Solaray Pygeum & Saw Palmetto Safe?: Yes. Pygeum extract and Saw Palmetto are highly regarded as safe, side effect-free extracts. No studies have discovered any significant side effects, and is considered safe for everyday use.

Grade: B-. Our lab tests reveal their Saw Palmetto extract is of low quality, and may not effectively treat BPH. It's not dangerous, though, and won't cause any severe side effects or contraindications. But is it better than our other supplements? Not by a long shot. The lack of quality ingredients earns this prostate supplement a solid B-.

Solaray Bottle


Product: Solaray Pygeum

Company: Nutraceutical

Rating: 3 / 5 Stars


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