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PC Care

Rating: D

Specs: Lab Report

PC Care: Short for "Prostate Care," PC Care is Natrol's latest herbal and completely preservative free dietary supplement, used to improve prostate health through several metabolic measures. Completely free of preservatives, sugar or starch, this supplement is also ideal for people with type 2 diabetes: it won't unnecessarily spike blood glucose levels, thus making it safe to take. You're probably familiar with many of PC Care's ingredients, like saw palmetto and licorice extract, which are commonly used.

Ingredients: PC Care contains a proprietary blend of reishi extract, baikal skullcap extract, rabdosia rubescens extract, isatis indigotica extract, chrysanthemum extract, saw palmetto extract, rye pollen, and licorice extract.

Does it Work? Probably not. And here's why. Although it contains one of the most effective ingredients available for treating prostate irregularity, saw palmetto, PC Care is implementing it in a proprietary blend loaded with other extracts and herbs. It's important to note that many companies use proprietary blends to disguise the amount of each ingredient. Our lab tests also confirm it probably doesn't contain enough saw palmetto to improve prostate function. PC Care did not score well in any categories, including the detection of saw palmetto. Bottom line? It probably doesn't contain enough saw palmetto to have any effect on prostate health.

Is it Safe? Not entirely. Baikal skullcap is known to cause drowsiness, and men should not take this supplement before driving or operating heavy machinery. This effect is doubled by isatis indigotica, which reportedly causes dizziness.

Grade: D. PC Care doesn't seem like a quality product: many of its ingredients are slapped into a proprietary blend that scored badly in all sections of efficacy. We can't say for sure if it can improve prostate health, but there are definitely more effective prostate supplements available, such as Vasotrexx and Prostavar.

PC Care


Product: PC Care


Rating: D

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